Step 2: Add Route In this step, we will add one routes for demo. If you want to create a CodeIgniter login module with sessions than you can go through this tutorial post that will help you to make your simple login and registration form along with database validation. How to display next data from database after login id is given in PHP? public function authenticate() {…} sets the session user data for the keys logged_in and username. redirect('/login/form/', 'refresh'); Just make sure you load the URL Helper prior to expecting this to work. In this tutorial, I show how you can enable CSRF protection and send AJAX request with CSRF token in the CodeIgniter 4 project. logout() – Removes the user data from session and log out the user from their Google account. Here Is My Controller: Code: This code will display the profile of the member after registration. Here's a link to the website: You simply need to get the username and profile picture and store in codeigniter session. This would be easier if you use master page in your project , and a dedicated label to display the username in the same master page. CodeIgniter provides a comprehensive form validation and data prepping class that helps minimize the amount of code you'll write. Note that CodeIgniter also subscribes to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). In First step we will download fresh version of Codeigniter 3, so if you haven't download yet then download from here: Download Codeigniter 3. How to display username from login page in to HTML tag. Etc. You fill it in and submit it. But it is not enabled by default same as CodeIgniter 3. Follow the step by step process and Create your own facebook login API. The token is generated for each user and it is managed by CodeIgniter to verify the user request. Views are also called PHP files, but the bulk of their content is HTML/CSS. Before making the Stripe payment gateway live, it needs to be checked whether the checkout process is working properly. User authentication is a required feature of any Web application. this tutorial so you can check each alert with demo. The session variable defines after your work done and you can put the reliable information in the session variable and put a redirect page after register success. hello Sitepoint members =) Scenario Mr Bob has login into my website. public function login() {…} loads the login view located in sessions directory. My apologies, I hadn't had a chance to see if you had already called it in the user.php file or not. The transaction and order details are stored in the database, and payment status is shown to the user. Re: how to display user name on page after login using user no id? Another recommendation, update from mysql to mysqli (mysql is depreciated and due to be removed from PHP). Can you help me. It uses an input class of CodeIgniter that provides some helper functions that helps to fetch data and to pre-process it. For retrieve data from MySQL database using CodeIgniter framework first we have to create a table in data base. Loads the login view for the non-authenticated user. edit() – This method is used to display a single user. In this video we will learn, HOW TO DISPLAY USERNAME AFTER LOGIN IN C#. Based on user authentication user can access the system by providing their user authentication details. It provides a Web interface to create accounts, login and logout from their accounts, as well change or recover their passwords. A view contains HTML/PHP files, that is the front-end view of the application, but here, we create a PHP file instead of an HTML file, like login.php, because CodeIgniter supports PHP extension files. Index() – This is used to display users’ list. Verify that the data is of the correct type, and meets the correct criteria. As such, models and controllers are PHP classes that extend the base classes provided by the framework. Download and unzip CodeIgniter from Scratch Day 6 source files into your web server. After the payment form submission, the credit card information is validated and charged to the card. This package provides a CodeIgniter panel to manage application users. But how to pass along the confirmation message? Then go to the redirect page, where you show the message. Content is hidden when user is logged in to prevent confusion, UNSOLVED. So now the form is processed in another Controller and the user is redirected back. First we will create a login page where the user will provide their respective credentials, username and password. I use PHP sessions for the login application. Explanation: Login page of the system. As for calling it, you have the query set-up, you just need to output it. For example, if a username is submitted it must be validated to contain only permitted characters.