Then pair your language major with a STEM major. There are even programs that encourage students to double major in STEM and a foreign language. Business Mentality – Egyptian business people appreciate a thorough presentation of your information, so make sure to have research and documentation to support your claims. Origins of Zionism, and Palestinian and other Arab nationalisms from the nineteenth century and the post-1948 Arab-Israel state conflict in the Cold War era. The core courses of any masters degree in business provide a more in-depth understanding of commerce how to apply managerial tactics to drive success. The modern Middle East in the age of imperialism, world wars, state formation, decolonization, and Islamic resistance. Research projects may or may not be required of course registrants. You can easily complete both the Arabic and Middle Eastern and North African Studies majors in the same time it would take to complete one major. Instruction often includes lectures by several different persons. The course has no prerequisite but does build on the information presented in TRAD 101 Middle Eastern Humanities. Conducting foreign business is complicated, and succeeding in a market like Saudi Arabia — which has so much to offer — requires an intimate understanding and navigation between government policy, business and cultural communication. UMD students of any major who wish to achieve advanced proficiency in Arabic are also invited to consider the intensive Arabic Flagship Program. Cal U grads find rewarding careers in: degree within the LWB program also include a practical experience/internship component: LWB students studying abroad or doing internships may apply for four (4) different scholarships: To be accepted into the program, all students must complete an application for admission: LWB Application Form [PDF | DOC]. Knoxville TN 37996-0470 Readings include poetry, short stories, and novels all analyzed within their social context. To progress and remain in the LWB program, students must do the following: As program standards may be adjusted periodically, students are encouraged to contact the Director or Assistant Director of the Language and World Business Program for the most current requirements: Dr. Lisa Y.F. 1115 Volunteer Blvd. Majors are encouraged to complete a minor or a second major in another field. positions as well. Come and join the Language and World Business Student Association! Language and World Business (LWB) is a concentration within the curriculum of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures that allows students to obtain a B.A. Email:, Florence Abad Turner, MA Undergraduate students can pursue a BA in Arabic Studies or a Minor in Arabic. Double majoring in Arabic and MENAS can open career options in government and intelligence fields, international business, and non-profits, as well as graduate programs. ... Business Arabic: FREN 321. Business French I: GERM 321. Business German: ITAL 321. As the official language of many Middle Eastern countries where business opportunities are growing fast, learning Arabic can be a big plus for business owners. Until further notice, the University of Arizona, in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, encourages all employees to work remotely. Arabic words for business include عمل, تجارة, مهنة, حركة, مهمة, مشروع تجاري, شأن, متاجرة and قضية. • Email: Below is an outline of the program: All of which are combined with one of the following professional emphases: Requirements for the B.A. This course focuses on Islamic Law and Society, topics such as the life and teachings of Muhammad, political and theological controversies, and the classical tradition of Islam. French and Francophone Studies Concentration, Internship With Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Summer Internship With Vanderbilt Mortgage, Foreign Language Reading Proficiency Exam, Goldman/Pendleton LWB Internship Scholarship, Goldman/Pendleton Travel Abroad Scholarship (all MFLL), The Clayton McDonald Undergraduate Travel Abroad Scholarship, Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships, UT/University of Genoa Cooperative Exchange Program, BA – Language and World Business/Chinese Concentration, BA – Language and World Business/French and Francophone Studies Concentration, BA – Language and World Business/German Concentration, BA – Language and World Business/Hispanic Studies Concentration, BA – Language and World Business/Italian Concentration, BA – Language and World Business/Japanese Concentration, BA – Language and World Business/Portuguese Concentration, BA – Language and World Business/Russian Studies Concentration. There is a Required Paid Time Allotment for Daily Prayer.