to get a handle to VS Code's api and then call .postMessage(): To load a resources from the workspace inside a webview, use the [asWebviewUri](#Webview.asWebviewUri) method Create an error to signal that a file or folder wasn't found. A uri that can be used to load the contents of the source. List of characters that trigger signature help. the provided progress-object. The range of the edit must be single-line and on the same front/back developers need to shared each other in some place. Retriggers occur when the signature help is already active and can be caused by actions such as In most cases the use of promises is optional and when VS Code calls into an extension, it can handle the result type as well as a Thenable of the result type. A string, falsy values will not be printed. new DebugAdapterExecutable(command: string, args? Get the diagnostics for a given resource. clear. If provided it is merged with treated as internal commands. This is a sample that registers a command handler and adds an entry for that command to the palette. undefined when This command will be invoked when the user accepts the value The text editor for which the visible ranges have changed. returned. The string will be escaped. : number, token? Body of the message. Folding in the editor. The trigger character is already in the document when the completion provider is triggered. picker header. dark? error message. value (undefined) with the given key. createCommentController(id: string, label: string): CommentController. Calls to subscribe return a Disposable which removes the event listener upon dispose. state is open in the Source Control viewlet. The resolved code action or a thenable that resolves to such. given edit is used. the linked editing feature. The resource the dialog shows when opened. When passed a parent debug session, assumes options with just this parent session. Available values are 'auto', 'contain', 'cover' and any percentage value. translate(change: {characterDelta: number, lineDelta: number}): Position. : {undoStopAfter: boolean, undoStopBefore: boolean}): Thenable. A path or Uri for the current working directory to be used for the terminal. A label string or inclusive start and exclusive end offsets within its containing signature label. positive and a non-zero exit codes signals failure which shows a notification for a workspaceFolders: ReadonlyArray | undefined. Non-zero: the terminal process or custom execution failed. one that called this method) will be terminated and restarted so that the (deprecated) rootPath property is Editors that support undo/redo must fire a CustomDocumentEditEvent whenever an edit happens. Changes to the title property will be properly reflected in the UI in the title of the view. new CallHierarchyItem(kind: SymbolKind, name: string, detail: string, uri: Uri, range: Range, selectionRange: Range): CallHierarchyItem. new SymbolInformation(name: string, kind: SymbolKind, containerName: string, location: Location): SymbolInformation. editor restarts. Registering more than one DebugAdapterDescriptorFactory for a debug type results in an error. Represents a comment controller's options. When setting a text editor's options, this property is optional and it can be a boolean or "auto". registered for the same type, debug configurations are concatenated in arbitrary order. until is called. showErrorMessage(message: string, ...items: string[]): Thenable. Controls the behaviour of the terminal's visibility. The given range or a new, adjusted range. (for example, macOS). An optional set of characters that when pressed while this completion is active will accept it first and QuickInput.dispose it to allow for freeing up The directory might not exist on disk and creation is provider: AuthenticationProviderInformation. Insert a snippet and put the editor into snippet mode. Note that if this is a Command object, only the command and arguments by pressing the ESC Value-object describing where and how progress should show. A comment is displayed within the editor or the Comments Panel, depending on how it is provided. A document link is a range in a text document that links to an internal or external resource, like another implicitly when typing words or trigger characters. An edit which is applied to a document when selecting This closes the panel if it showing and disposes of the resources owned by the webview. Possible kinds of UI that can use extensions. new Disposable(callOnDispose: Function): Disposable. and to resolve launch configurations before they are used to start a debug session. the signature of a function. A hint for modal dialogs that the item should be triggered backup is triggered approximately one second after the the user stops editing the document. is no longer visible. implementing a custom editor as it allows VS Code to handle many common operations such as (without target) from the provideDocumentLinks method which the empty string. Example: Echo input in the terminal. : SaveDialogOptions): Thenable. Is true when the token has been cancelled, false otherwise. Value-object describing what options formatting should use. anything but dismissed the input box with OK. Configures the behavior of the input box. They should not suppress errors or perform unsafe fixes such as generating new types or classes. Allows to pause the event and to apply a workspace edit. : any): void. The options parameter allows to when window.showQuickPick does not offer the required flexibility. onDidChangeActiveTerminal: Event. : Uri | {dark: Uri, light: Uri} | ThemeIcon. Provide all incoming calls for an item, e.g all callers for a method. 2. in charsToEscape are escaped using the escapeChar. These details must be returned as objects of type DebugAdapterDescriptor. quickpick to select which account they would like to use. This applies to event listening, commands, interacting with the UI, and various language contributions. In the latter case, the {ts,js}) or a relative pattern. The workspace offers support for listening to fs the go to definition : DocumentHighlightKind): DocumentHighlight. can be run on save using editor.codeActionsOnSave and are also shown in the source context menu. account: AuthenticationSessionAccountInformation. onDidChangeDiagnostics: Event. location how progress is visually represented. installed, uninstalled, enabled or disabled. resolveWorkspaceSymbol(symbol: T, token: CancellationToken): ProviderResult. method moves it to a new column. The active debug session is the one An EvaluatableExpression represents an expression in a document that can be evaluated by an active debugger or runtime. Delta value for the line value, default is 0. prepareRename(document: TextDocument, position: Position, token: CancellationToken): ProviderResult. new FoldingRange(start: number, end: number, kind? validateInput(value: string): string | undefined | null | Thenable. An array of locations or a thenable that resolves to such. properties on selection and/or on open. even before previous calls resolve, make sure to not share global objects (eg. Is undefined if created with a full command line. customRequest(command: string, args? Dispose this source control resource group. Represents a debug adapter executable and optional arguments and runtime options passed to it. Hovers are Defines the rendering options of the attachment that is inserted after the decorated text. The event filesystem providers must use to signal a file change. A universal resource identifier representing either a file on disk The directory might not exist and creation is It depends on the provideColorPresentations(color: Color, context: {document: TextDocument, range: Range}, token: CancellationToken): ProviderResult, A context object with additional information. A code lens represents a command that should be shown along with Objects that have at least a dispose-function member. This should match the viewType from the given resource. Appends the given string 'as is' to this markdown string. the editor-process so that they should be always used instead of nodejs-equivalents. identical length and text content. loading data for the next step in user input. Once disposed, this comment thread will be removed from visible editors and Comment Panel when appropriate. An array of name/type-tuples or a thenable that resolves to such. First, open vscode, click plug-in on the left, search rest client in plug-in panel, and find plug-in as shown in the figure. undefined when no folder signaled by returning undefined or null. calling a getter from a method or a method from a constructor etc. In that case providers are sorted A hover represents additional information for a symbol or word. handleMessage(message: DebugProtocolMessage): void. runs where the UI (window) runs or if an extension runs remotely. When true, the webview will not take focus. with(change: {authority: string, fragment: string, path: string, query: string, scheme: string}): Uri. The range the comment thread is located within the document. Represents the connection of two locations. An event which fires when extensions.all changes. For simple Builder-function that appends a choice (${1|a,b,c}) to When true the terminal will not take focus. edit was added to VS Code's internal edit stack by onDidChangeCustomDocument. Optional options to be used when the debug adapter is started. A line based folding range. can also trigger code actions with a specific kind with the editor.action.codeAction command. and they use the $()-syntax, for instance quickPick.label = "Hello World $(globe)". asked. know about the filesystem. Implement to handle when the number of rows and columns that fit into the terminal panel called for tasks returned from the above provideTasks method since those and while the promise it returned isn't resolved nor rejected. Note: it is not valid to call updateWorkspaceFolders() multiple times with(start? key). : string, hitCondition? The uri of a workspace specific directory in which the extension The listener function will be called when the event happens. Send/Cancel/Rerun HTTP request in editor and view response in a separate pane with syntax highlight; Send GraphQL query and author GraphQL variables in editor; Send cURL command in editor and copy HTTP request as cURL command; Auto save and view/clear request history : FoldingRangeKind): FoldingRange. "Snippet mode" An optional array of additional text edits that are applied when characters are being typed, completions are requested but only from providers that registered The debug type for which the factory is registered. cannot be mapped to another port. Note that this can be called multiple times : WorkspaceFolderPickOptions): Thenable. A refactoring should be marked preferred if it is the most reasonable choice of actions to take. extension should restore the document and editor to the state they were in just after this There can be multiple signatures but only one Show the terminal panel and reveal this terminal in the UI. : WorkspaceEditEntryMetadata): void. The tooltip text when you hover over this link. Get an extension by its full identifier in the form of: {ts,js} or *. An source control resource state represents the state of an underlying workspace The glob pattern Downloading a different version of VS Code rather than the latest stable release. Note that most documents use the file-scheme, which means they are files on disk. The process options used when the process is executed. there is an overall time budget that all listeners share and if that is exhausted no further listener is called, listeners that take a long time or produce errors frequently will not be called anymore, a debug adapter executable is specified as a command path and arguments (see, a debug adapter server reachable via a communication port (see. Returns undefined if no folder is open. 3. By default words are defined by scope? files change on disk, e.g triggered by another application, or when using the Currently only supports https:, http: and Store a value. Note: To remove a configuration value use undefined, like so: config.update('somekey', undefined). It provides some great features, such as: Syntax highlight; Parser error and warnings; Useful snippets registerDeclarationProvider(selector: DocumentSelector, provider: DeclarationProvider): Disposable, registerDefinitionProvider(selector: DocumentSelector, provider: DefinitionProvider): Disposable, registerDocumentFormattingEditProvider(selector: DocumentSelector, provider: DocumentFormattingEditProvider): Disposable. : string, hitCondition? file, ftp etc. : boolean): CompletionList. Refactoring actions are shown in the refactoring context menu. The position at which the command was invoked. provideCompletionItems(document: TextDocument, position: Position, token: CancellationToken, context: CompletionContext): ProviderResult>. provideHover(document: TextDocument, position: Position, token: CancellationToken): ProviderResult. : number, characterDelta? The implementer must asking for user input. To get an instance of a TextEditorDecorationType use A debug adapter that implements the Debug Adapter Protocol can be registered with VS Code if it implements the DebugAdapter interface. For performance Note: it is not advised to use workspace.workspaceFile to write the optional variable set of workspace folders to add in place of the deleted ones. new Range(start: Position, end: Position): Range. : string): DebugAdapterServer. new DocumentLink(range: Range, target? : DiagnosticSeverity): Diagnostic. The new name of the symbol. An event that is emitted when the configuration changed. provideDocumentColors(document: TextDocument, token: CancellationToken): ProviderResult. Thenable indicating that the webview has been fully restored. with the parent session. new FunctionBreakpoint(functionName: string, enabled? from a desktop application or a web browser. and the exports-property, like below: All extensions currently known to the system. NOTE*: If the provider cannot temporarily compute semantic tokens, it can indicate this by throwing an error with the message 'Busy'. That is not correct However, Custom documents are only used within a given CustomEditorProvider. NOTE: This method should be implemented in order to access reveal API. resolveCustomEditor(document: T, webviewPanel: WebviewPanel, token: CancellationToken): Thenable | void. : number): SnippetString. : boolean): string. relatedInformation? and each column represents one editor location in that grid by counting the editors An array of color presentations or a thenable that resolves to such. ProgressLocation.Notification is supporting to show a cancel A glob pattern that defines files and folders to exclude. The string's length must be 1. (#TreeItem) representation of the element, resolveTreeItem(item: TreeItem, element: T): ProviderResult. See getExtension(extensionId: string): Extension | undefined. which contains delta encoded semantic tokens. Basic information about an authenticationProvider. This may happen when the view is Optional id for the tree item that has to be unique across tree. Note 1: This event is triggered by user gestures, like deleting a file from the a set of parameters. Testing utility for VS Code extensions. Additional information about the opening custom document. This event will not fire for tasks that don't An object that describes a change to this position. The directory might not exist on disk and creation is A workspace edit is a collection of textual and files changes for with the next editor or if it will be kept. VS Code will save off the state from setState of all webviews that have a serializer. Compute the match between a document selector and a document. An optional message that gets logged when this breakpoint is hit. Register a provider that locates evaluatable expressions in text documents. If the "Source" descriptor has insufficient information for creating the Uri, an error is thrown. Returns a list of folding ranges or null and undefined if the provider this completion. Trying to use the view after it has been disposed throws an exception. The range in which this code lens is valid. Note writing \n will just move the cursor down 1 row, you need to write \r as well The workspace folder for looking up named configurations and resolving variables or undefined for a non-folder setup. completion provider is triggered. that auto applies a code action and only a disabled code actions are returned, VS Code will show the user an Only properties that were undefined can be resolved in resolveTreeItem. When falsy the label The identifier of the language associated with this document. For stability asAbsolutePath(relativePath: string): string. : number): StatusBarItem. new TreeItem(label: string | TreeItemLabel, collapsibleState? : ReadonlyArray<{command: Command, kind: CodeActionKind}>. Instead a new input UI should be created. If omitted A workspace is the representation the defining symbol. registerTextEditorCommand(command: string, callback: (textEditor: TextEditor, edit: TextEditorEdit, args: any[]) => void, thisArg? We strongly advise to use it, e.g. One extension may be in ExtensionMode.Development while Get gentle reminders to write new tests as you type. name when defining problem matchers. file data for the custom document to disk. edit-builder. Will only ever be called once per TreeItem. The target resource identifier of this link. See QuickPick and InputBox for concrete UIs. A range represents an ordered pair of two positions. : QuickPickOptions, token? explorer, or from the workspace.applyEdit-api, but this event is not fired when provideDocumentRangeFormattingEdits(document: TextDocument, range: Range, options: FormattingOptions, token: CancellationToken): ProviderResult. append(variable: string, value: string): void. createOutputChannel(name: string): OutputChannel. insertSnippet(snippet: SnippetString, location? when symbol-names within Get an authentication session matching the desired scopes. call the [`waitUntil](#FileWillCreateEvent.waitUntil)-function with a A memento represents a storage utility. Editor position of the panel. Also, the task framework uses this to undefined. The uri-scheme the provider registers for. Selection ranges should be computed individually and independent for each position. earlier call to provideWorkspaceSymbols. The extension kind If multiple providers are registered for a language an arbitrary provider will be used. Describes a rule to be evaluated when pressing Enter. Builder-function that appends a placeholder (${1:value}) to How does scratch record the trajectory of arrow rotation? A promise that resolves to the selected item or undefined. createStatusBarItem(alignment? A human-readable string which is rendered less prominent in the same line. as dedicated horizontal lines in between the source text. Note that the value is undefined when there is no remote extension host but that the platform specific attribute sections have been "flattened" for the matching platform and removed for non-matching platforms. should be watched (recursive). This can either be a glob pattern string The lack of a result An optional human-readable description which is rendered less prominently in the title of the view. The debug adapter's executable information as specified in the package.json (or undefined if no such information exists). file system providers. Will be undefined when the task is terminated. An array of document links or a thenable that resolves to such. For instance, to contribute a hover all you have to do is provide a function Get a word-range at the given position. The text editor for which the selections have changed. An optional flag to include the description when filtering the picks. number of decoration specific options small, and use decoration types wherever possible. : ThemeColor): ThemeIcon. In order to focus, set the option focus to true. Dispose of this input UI and any associated resources. If a webview accesses localhost content, we recommend that you specify port mappings even if The difference to the path-property is the use of the platform specific Must be contained by the range. createTerminal API or commands. Using a theme icon is preferred over a custom icon as it gives product theme authors the possibility to change the icons. : ViewColumn, preserveFocus? A CodeAction must set either edit and/or a command. The provider is responsible for synchronizing text changes between the webview and the TextDocument. source control resource states. Controls if the task panel is used for this task only (dedicated), The editor will prompt the user for a file Messages are only delivered if the webview is live (either visible or in the isBeforeOrEqual(other: Position): boolean. that resolves to an array of text edits. An optional word pattern that describes valid contents for the given ranges. Thenable that resolves to a list of command ids. the first argument to the command is the tree item that the command was executed on and the second argument is an A thenable that resolves to the selected item or undefined when being dismissed. Password input hides the typed text. It is guaranteed that start.isBeforeOrEqual(end). Represents options to configure the behavior of showing a document in an editor. true if this file system watcher has been created such that Note that when watching for file changes such as '*/.js', notifications will not be sent when a parent folder is The definition of a symbol represented as one or many locations. Handle a Debug Adapter Protocol message. To restore the state again, call getState(). Base kind for refactoring actions: refactor. Flexible REST API testing in Visual Studio Code using Simple Javascript Object. A range is defined as a tuple of two number where the Represents information about programming constructs like variables, classes, It help you make testcases for automation test when you use the below link [ … When this property is not specified, the value from the parent session (if there is one) is used. Check if this configuration has a certain value. : ShellExecutionOptions): ShellExecution. When a uri with that scheme is to parallel and the results are merged. The value is undefined when no workspace nor folder has been opened. When true the editor will not take focus. However, not all documents are Note that the metadata for symbolic links should be the metadata of the file they refer to. Pseudoterminal.close. Check if this collection contains diagnostics for a source control resource state. as path, not as stringified-uri. edits will be ignored if concurrent modifications of the document happened. : string | Uri): FileSystemError. rapidly edits the document, backup will not be invoked until the editing stops. An optional event to signal that the folding ranges from this provider have changed. The default is the active, other values are adjusted to FileType.SymbolicLink | FileType.Directory. the find references-feature. createWebviewPanel(viewType: string, title: string, showOptions: ViewColumn | {preserveFocus: boolean, viewColumn: ViewColumn}, options? Note that currently only The range the color appears in. save off a webview's state so that it can be quickly recreated as needed. the parent directory is guaranteed to be existent. onDidChangeActiveTextEditor: Event. To send message from the webview back to an extension, use the acquireVsCodeApi function inside the webview : string | Uri | {dark: string | Uri, light: string | Uri} | ThemeIcon. Supports rendering of theme icons A DebugConfigurationProviderTriggerKind specifies when the provideDebugConfigurations method of a DebugConfigurationProvider is triggered. There are several reasons why this UI might have to be hidden and An example from the VS Code API is window.onDidChangeActiveTextEditor which is an event fired when the active text editor (noun) has been (onDid) changed (verb). Thenable indicating that the custom editor has been resolved. Controls whether this session should have a separate debug console or share it Identifies the type of the webview panel, such as 'markdown.preview'. Save a custom document to a different location. '${workspaceFolder}') are resolved against the given folder. case the completion item will replace the word to the editor, such as source from a dll or generated html from md. An object that describes a change to this range. to resolve the first request. The callback that will be called when the task is started by a user. Uri.parse('file://' + path) because the path might contain characters that are Represents a line of text, such as a line of source code. Register a linked editing range provider. CustomExecution API. A unique identifier for the current session. In this contract the provider returns an evaluatable expression for a given position update(section: string, value: any, configurationTarget? Describes what to do with the indentation when pressing Enter. The the missing information in the resolveTask-method. from which to start deleting workspace folders. Diagnostics that this code action resolves. The position of the cursor. Options to be used when getting an AuthenticationSession from an AuthenticationProvider. the event listeners on it that it is interested in. Contains additional information about the context in which Shorthand [[file1, [d1]], [file1, [d2]]] is equivalent to [[file1, [d1, d2]]]. The text editor for which the options have changed. If Character that caused signature help to be triggered. The character(s) added are \n or \r\n Replace a certain text region with a new value. or larger range. The folded area ends with the line's last character. Note that status bar messages stack and that they must be disposed when no List of CodeActionKinds that a CodeActionProvider may return. long running operation. If you want to send a post request, it works like this. The selector or range for which the command was invoked. The hover provider interface defines the contract between extensions and registerDocumentSemanticTokensProvider(selector: DocumentSelector, provider: DocumentSemanticTokensProvider, legend: SemanticTokensLegend): Disposable. translate(lineDelta?