towards ZIP Codes used for city-style mail delivery, thus there may be ZIP Codes that are primarily Much like the land area, there are vast differences in population size. To avoid overcrowding, only a few labels are shown. Land area updated every 10 years. While that may seem like a large discrepancy, you can see from the chart that over 93% of those ZIPs without Census data are for single buildings or military usage where an approximation is more than adequate. By selecting this link you will leave ", "Data users should not use Code Tabulation Areas to identify the official USPS ZIP Code for mail The max longitude to determine ZIP code bounding box: area_land: Land area in square meters (divide by 2,589,988.110336 for square miles) area_water: The 2010 ZCTAs will better represent the actual Zip Code service areas because the If it's appropriate to your … Source: U.S. Census Bureau, data file from Geography Division based on the TIGER/Geographic Identification Code Scheme (TIGER/GICS) computer file. The point chosen using this method is actually located within a small area that is not covered by the ZIP code. If you can find any major changes before we make data updates, we'll issue a full refund. The IRS does not provide estimates for Puerto Rico (approximately 125 ZIPs with a total population of 3.7 million). ZIP Code Boundary Data. Read more about the differences between ZIP codes and ZCTAs on our home page. However, using them when addressing mail will likely result in delivery delays. It can also result in a point that is a much more significant distance from some sections of the ZIP code. As you can see from the image where this method is shown in black, this may be significantly different from the other two calculation methods. 90% of the time, the true population should be within the range of estimated +/- the margin. The Census Bureau publishes population estimates based on ACS surveys using data from the past 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years of data. Remember that people in rural areas outside of city limits still need to receive mail. Because it is only an estimator, it is still subject to variation due to other variables. The list of unaccpetable cities may be fine for everyday conversation. As another example, St. Louis, MO could be spelled as "St Louis", "St. Louis", or "Saint Louis" in various data sets. Area Code Time Zone Daylight Savings Area (Land & Water) Population (Male & Female) Demographics (Sex, Age & Race) ... United States Zip Code Database - Business Edition ($249.95 stand-alone) United States Zip Code Boundaries - Business Edition ($349.95 stand-alone) 2000 Census. Only a small subset of ZIPs in Manhattan use the designation "New York" even though many others exist within the city limits. Acceptable cities are recognized by the USPS and should not result in delivery delays. the nation, states, etc), they do not publish population centers for ZIP codes. Click here to see the population center of 81650 which is another good example of where the population center is far from the center of the area. Another way to approximate the population is to use sampling. Because the area is so densely populated, many different areas within NYC are given names that are not "New York." Watch the demo of how you can combine the. coverage. So, by choosing the ACS estimates over the Census, the population estimate would improve for 25% of ZIPs while becoming less accurate for nearly 75%. The easiest way to think about this is that it is difficult to provide an estimate with only a 5%-10% margin of error based on only surveying 10% of the population. View all the available mapping files from the Geography program. Such zip codes are not areas and therefore are not represented by ZCTAs. Quite frankly, we don't offer weekly/monthly updates because new ZIP codes aren't frequently introduced. 01003. These  data are available through Area Code Database: Deluxe Database: Database of all U.S. area codes (NPA NXX) and their related information. In other words, we asked this question: if the IRS estimates that the population of a ZIP increased over a certain period of time, does the ACS data also indicate a population increase? However, USPS uses those names to indicate the city for the ZIP codes located in those areas. However, it will always have a state FIPS of 29 and a place/city FIPS of 65000 which makes the geoid 2965000. These unassigned blocks were merged into an adjacent ZCTA based on the length of shared boundary. LAND O LAKES,WI, ZIP Code 54540 - Database - LAND O LAKES Wisconsin WI Map. nonresidential or boxes only that may not have a corresponding ZCTA.". For example, the Navy may use a ZIP for several aircraft carriers. We list the overlap based on area, land area, population, and number of households to suit various use cases. The demographics of a ZIP can change over time so we issue frequent updates for statistics. ZIP Code: ZIP Code (United States) (five digits) ZIP Code Population: Approximate population of the ZIP code. More Info: Get all the fields in our standard Area Code database and a lot more. delivery. You must purchase a license to download and use the data, the same formula used by the Census Bureau, County with the largest percentage of the ZIP population, From the National Weather Service, precise to approximately 1 mile radius, Point centered within largest section of ZIP code, Point closest to the geographic center that remains inside the ZIP, The min latitude to determine ZIP code bounding box, The max latitude to determine ZIP code bounding box, The min longitude to determine ZIP code bounding box, The max longitude to determine ZIP code bounding box, Land area in square meters (divide by 2,589,988.110336 for square miles), Water area in square meters (divide by 2,589,988.110336 for square miles), Estimated households using IRS data (number of returns), Estimated households using Census Bureau's American Community Survey data.